Curse of the Mummy Expansion

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Curse of the Mummy Expansion

Post by maelstrom07 »

Any plans or desire to develop the Luxor expansion, "Curse of the Mummy"
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Re: Curse of the Mummy Expansion

Post by cpasbanal »


It depends on the editor and i don't have any news about the expansion right now.
To be honest, i've had to spend some time developing two other games since Luxor so we'd probably have to find another dev to do or help me implementing the expansion. I don't know if you can upvote for a game expansion ;)

I'll ask the BGA team when i have some spare time to implement the expansion
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Re: Curse of the Mummy Expansion

Post by Stanza »

Please do add the expansions (1 and 2) to the boardgamearena.
But clearify the rules when the mommy moves;
a) when someone plays a horius card:
-player moves first
-mommy moves first
b) when player draws a horius card:
-only mummy moves.

Also clearify the card when you get to pull your last adventurer to the position of the first. Does the bidden sarcofaag room plays a part in this?

Kind regards,
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