Portal Rewawrd Ties

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Portal Rewawrd Ties

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Hey there everyone,

In my last game, my opponent and I, on the same turn, completed one blue, one yellow, one green, and one purple portal. If I had been granted the 8 points for having all 4, then I wouold have won this game. Instead, he won the tie and beat me by one point. Despite my tone, I want to be okay with this loss. The biggest problem I have with losign is not knwing why he won the tie. Perhaps, I having 6 open portals and his having 5 is the reason he won. Perhaps, he was the catcher and I was not. (I actually don't know who was the catcher at this time.) Perhaps, it was the fact the game just likes him, because I (I say this sarcastically to give myself a hard time) am a jerk, and the game knows this.

Unfortunately, the rule book makes the claim that the moment we both build our portals, we immediately get the 8 point reward. This means they offer no clue as to why he won the tie and therefore the game.
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