Did I do the tutorial wrong?

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Re: Did I do the tutorial wrong?

Post by Kayvon »

Marshallstaxx wrote: 29 January 2024, 15:33 I vote for a brand new tutorial
Are you volunteering to write a new tutorial? Or are you voting that someone else should make one for you?

Out of respect to the current author, you should reach out to him first with concerns before I'll approve replacing his work outright. If you were in his shoes, you'd want the chance to improve things rather than being blindsided.

If he doesn't want to change it and the community prefers your tutorial, I can switch them.
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Re: Did I do the tutorial wrong?

Post by Torselli »

Hey, Torselli here. Someone noticed me about this thread and I came to see what's happening.

I'm quite unsure what the problems with the tutorial are. It's rated quite good (with almost 7.5k ratings) and the only issue I really see is that I have to fast forward some actions to explain further aspects of the game.

I read all the complains on this thread, but I haven't read any specific issue (only about the 4s dice, that are working properly to me).

I'm looking forward your specific suggestions on how to improve the tutorial.

Thanks for all your contribution.

Mauricio Torselli
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Re: Did I do the tutorial wrong?

Post by Klown »

Hi Torselli. Thanks for the effort. Sorry to tell you, the tutorial is pretty bad.

I also believe the tutorial rating is flawed. You can only rate if you finish it. I wanted to leave a low rating, but I couldn't sit through it.

As someone else mentioned, it feels like watching a fast forward muted youtube video. I had no clue what was going on, and ended up just reading the manual in 5 minutes.
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