Undo single action

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Undo single action

Post by joangm »

Sorry if this does not belong here or it has been already addressed, but as it is related to Maracaibo i just go for it and if I need to put it in developers/bugs i can move it there

Is there any chance the undo button for a single action is implemented (like Ark Nova does). It is a bit annoying to have to redo the whole turn when you misclick on a card to move to the prepared area before ending the turn or want to pick another card from the display...

Just a suggestion if it is possible

Thanks in advance
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Re: Undo single action

Post by Kayvon »

Check the official bugs/suggestions area to see how this has been suggested and why it was refused, but the short answer it that the current undo is what will be in place going forward.
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