Highest ever scores in 6 Nimmt?

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Re: Highest ever scores in 6 Nimmt?

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It has happened to me once with a perfect score and a couple times probably with 65 or 64.
I'm attaching the image with the 66 pts.
In sum, it can be done, especially if you play a lot, but you definitely cannot plan it or obsess about it.
You definitely have to have some luck too (there were some moves where I was close to losing some points), but after you have a good start, ie a couple of hands go by and you're still perfect, theoretically it can be done.
It's a nice feeling I tell you, to think you at least made all of the moves with sense, but it still counts as a regular win and gives you regular ELO points. :lol: :lol:
It's always nice to compete and train the mind.
Take care people, see you around.
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