ChatGPT hallucinating rules

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ChatGPT hallucinating rules

Post by druzil »

I asked ChatGPT to explain the rules of CuBirds, testing the new 'Game Time' bot that it has.

It explained the rules with about 80% accuracy, but then added that each bird has a special ability when a flock is formed. I followed up in the rule book to try an find this 'expansion' but couldn't (it doesn't exist). And after pushing ChatGPT it confessed that they didn't exist.

What is fascinating is that the special abilities sound totally plausible - it is amazing what hallucinations it can have.

Here is a list of the special abilities (it doesn't attribute them to particular specied)

"In Cubirds, certain bird cards have special abilities that add an extra layer of strategy to the game. Here are some examples:

Merging Rows: Some birds allow you to merge two rows together when you form a flock. This can dramatically change the layout of the board and the availability of birds for other players.

Extra Turns: Certain birds grant you an extra turn immediately after you form a flock with them. This can be a powerful way to chain actions and collect more birds rapidly.

Card Draw: There are birds that let you draw extra cards when you form a flock. This ability helps you replenish your hand more effectively, giving you more options for future turns.

Hand Manipulation: Some birds allow you to discard and redraw some of your hand, helping you refresh your options and potentially get the birds you need for your strategy.

Row Manipulation: Certain birds enable you to rearrange birds in a row or move birds between rows when you form a flock. This can be used to set up future moves or disrupt your opponents' plans.

Point Modifiers: A few birds might alter the way points are scored, either by increasing the value of certain flocks or by providing bonus points under specific conditions."
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Re: ChatGPT hallucinating rules

Post by puffer-fish »

Woah :P
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Re: ChatGPT hallucinating rules

Post by betsys99 »

Some but not all of those hallucinated rules sound like from Wingspan
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