Trailblazers Tutorial - Learn to play

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Trailblazers Tutorial - Learn to play

Post by Melakye »

Here's a quick tutorial to learn to play Trailblazers ... ;&tutorial

Let me know if there's anything unclear or anything I can change to improve it. Thanks.
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Re: Trailblazers Tutorial - Learn to play

Post by kitsunelle »

Thanks for the tutorial! The instructions are clear and well-written. The only issue I had was the display of the playing board. It would alternate between being large and easy to see and then shrinking down into a small square outlined in orange. The small square had the magnifying glass on it, but it only zoomed in on the board within that tiny square. When the tutorial text bubble moved onto the following text, the playing area would suddenly go full screen (and very readable) and then shrink back to the orange square once the new tutorial text appeared. Perhaps that was on my end, but I couldn't find a way to fix it. I'm viewing the tutorial on my tablet, which is how I view all BGA tutorials. Thanks again!
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