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Game stats luck

Post by N_Faker »

'The Battle for Hill 218' should have a 1 in the luck stat on game details page.
There is little chance involved as a good player should be mostly able to survive with their guaranteed Air Strikes. But there certainly is a little luck involved in the cards drawn.
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Re: Game stats luck

Post by Een »

That's right, this has been changed. Thanks!
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Re: Game stats luck

Post by Tilt »

Currently the game is listed as having a 0 in the luck category, as if it didn't have any random elements. But it's a card drawing game, so obviously there is a lot of randomness.
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Re: Game stats luck

Post by NoiselessBean »

It should be a 2 or 3 on luck.

If you're playing against good players, and your cards don't come in time, they WILL crush you or at least make it so it's virtually impossible to catch up

It doesn't matter so much at lower levels, but in the arena, missing that one card that holds together the position, your defense, or your entire attack plan, everything can fall apart.

AS usually don't make it past the first half of the game, unless all your AR came in early.
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Re: Game stats luck

Post by larbredemachin »

So can someone change the luck stat?
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Re: Game stats luck

Post by zaynonymous »

I agree; it should be 2 or 3.
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