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Remkar wrote: 01 February 2024, 20:54 From the rules:

Soy sauce makes every dish taste better. It’s the perfect addition
to a varied meal.
At the end of a round in which soy sauce is played, all players
compare how many different colored backgrounds they have among
the cards they have played. If a player has the most (or tied for the
most) different colors and has also played a soy sauce card, it is
worth 4 points. You may score multiple soy sauce cards in a round.
A soy sauce card itself is considered when determining the most
different colors. Only dessert cards played in the current round are
Those are from the rules for Sushi Go Party!; from the rules for the Sushi Go! Soy Sauce Promo:

"A soy sauce card is worth 4 points if you collected the most variety of card colors during a round. (All players count and compare cards.) "Color" refers to the main background color of each card. If multiple players play soy sauce cards and then tie for most variety, they split the 4 points equally, ignoring any remainder. Soy sauce and chopsticks cards count as colors but puddings only count if they were played during the round. Also, if you play multiple soy sauce cards, only 1 scores."
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