Shared Objectives Not Registering - Question

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Shared Objectives Not Registering - Question

Post by Zubo13 »

I played a solo game today and one of the Shared Objectives was to reach 9 sections of London. I did this, having stops going to and coming from 9 sections. However, the screen only credited 7 of the sections and I did not get the extra 10 points. Is this a glitch or am I misunderstanding the rules? There was more than one station linked in each of the 9 sections, and the stations had lines both coming in and leaving, none were a dead-end. I took a screenshot if needed, is there somewhere to report a bug or glitch? Thank you.
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Re: Shared Objectives Not Registering - Question

Post by Dophin34 »

You misundertood the objective. The objective is not to reach 9 different districts, but to reach the 9 stations of the central district. ;)
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