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I don't know if the game is still worked on or not, it doesn't seem so at first glance but maybe a dev is taking a look from time to time.

Anyway, I made a few suggestions and upvoted some existing ones, so feel free to upvote them too if they interest you.
Who knows, this might motivate some dev to do the work.

Bugs and suggestions for this game sorted by last update: ... &game=1471

Or sorted by upvotes: ... &game=1471

Some of the stuff I care about (highly subjective):
#116829: "Dots placed on cards to make a distinction between those that scored and those that did not"
#54776: "auto pick last card for asynch games"
#55357: "know which cards not have been guessed"
#115307: "Display the words that were played each round, preferably on the score card "
#54680: "The animations are too long"
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