ELO vs. Reverse ELO

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ELO vs. Reverse ELO

Post by K-Ron0508 »

Hello everyone,

I'd like to start a discussion on which is better for determining the starting order of cars in Vektoracing: using ELO ratings or reverse ELO ratings.

For those who may not know, ELO is a rating system used to calculate the relative skill levels of players in competitive games like chess, and Vektoracing uses a modified version of ELO to determine the starting order of cars. Reverse ELO, on the other hand, would mean the car with the lowest ELO rating starts in pole position and the car with the highest rating starts in last position.

Some people might argue that starting the race with the car with the highest ELO rating in pole position could give that player an advantage. However, others might prefer starting the car with the lowest ELO rating in pole position to make the race more exciting and challenging for the faster drivers.

Personally, I'm interested in exploring the idea of using reverse ELO for the starting order. This would add an extra layer of strategy to the game, as drivers would need to consider not only how to overtake their opponents but also how to protect their position from faster drivers. Moreover, it could be intriguing to see if the lower-rated cars could hold on to their lead or if they would eventually be overtaken by the faster drivers.

What do you think is a better strategy for ordering the starting cars in Vektoracing, ELO or reverse ELO? And why do you think so? Let's discuss!


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Re: ELO vs. Reverse ELO

Post by Robeetou »

Hi there,

I'd prefer to use reverse Elo, if this is the choice.

Alternatively, it could be a random selection of the starting positions. That way every player can be in pole position at some point.


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