Please exploit this bug

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Please exploit this bug

Post by LKingdom »

On moves 275 -314 you can see me using unit of Light elves making 6 attacks on three units in one turn.

We have reported this bug at least twice. They are not fixing it.
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Re: Please exploit this bug

Post by JürgiWürgi »

Hi there :)
So dont get me wrong, I am just a eager as any other guy to get this bugfree.

But you might have noticed by now that they are usually doing around one or two wave of fixes per week. This is 100÷ no fulltime work where someone is working 40h per week on the game.

Also, this is beta, so give them some leeway. If this leave Beta and some essential exploit is still in, you can make a fuzz by all means. Until then, I suggest we show a little bit faith and patience.

Again, this is not meant to step on your toes. Just a friendly perspective :)
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