[Suggestiong] Undo Button

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[Suggestiong] Undo Button

Post by ratadin »

I just wrote a long explanation on why this needs one, but the forum eat it up.

This need an undo button because it has so many possibilities for missclick, and because each turn is so small, but also takes so much to resolve because of the threaded turn mechanic, that it provokes you to misjudge the game and commit many errors, and more times than not theses turn the game on a lost game.

An Undo Button and and End turn Button at the end of your action would be wonderful, allowing you to see the effects of certains actions, and stopping people from making small but horrible mistakes. Me and my group have made theses mistakes for weeks on different games that we have played, and they ruin the game for us, to the point of considering dropping it entirely (because these are mistakes that wouldn't be made on a physical board).

So, yeah, the game is awesome, but please, put an Undo Button there.
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Re: [Suggestiong] Undo Button

Post by pangolin56 »

I 100% agree with this - its so easy to click "start activation" (even if you are familiar with the game) - and your turn is completely ruined. Its especially annoying when its on round 6. It basically means your game is over as you miss out on the most points.

A simple undo would solve this problem.
Virgil Prane
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Re: [Suggestiong] Undo Button

Post by Virgil Prane »

having just finished this game with another player for the first time, can confirm both of us were wishing the game allowed for an undo button.
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Re: [Suggestiong] Undo Button

Post by PipBoy »

It's 2024 and I completely agree with this ❤️
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Re: [Suggestiong] Undo Button

Post by JimFox »

I agree as well. I am playing on mobile and the areas on cards with several choices are quite small, it is easy to click on the wrong area.
Also an accidential "start activation" would be very bad (fortunately did not happen yet).
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