Could not discard for gold/essences

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Could not discard for gold/essences

Post by VictorTM »

Hi, newbie here, I wanted to discard Crypt for essences. It allowed me to select the card, it displayed 'discard for 1 gold or 2 essences' and cancel. I was clicking everywhere on the screen to find where I could pick a gold or essences but nothing, all I could do in the end was cancel and then pass. Is there a special rule where you can't discard for gold/essence that I ran into or is it something else? Thanks.
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Re: Could not discard for gold/essences

Post by Smells_Familiar »

You have to click the card, then it gives you the options to discard or play. If you want to discard, you click on the discard pile, and then click on the gold or essences that are in the actual line of instructions. I think this is how it works, I'm not actually looking at the interface right now.
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