Suggestion to allow custom words

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Suggestion to allow custom words

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I know that this would require approval from the publisher/author.

It is rather common for this kind of game to come with blank tiles so that players can personalize the game.

There are many different ways this could be done in BGA.
Here is one such way (obviously as a table option):
- at start of game, each player can write down up to 2 word cards
- they specify whether the word is a concept (crab card) or a more concrete thing (non-crab card)
- depending on the option, cards written by the players are either added to the deck of 247 words or directly to the 40 selected cards that can actually appear during the game or something in between (put one at random directly in the 40 selected cards and the rest has as much chance as any other card to be selected)

Another, more radical possibility would be to allow the table creator to provide an entire list of cards to be added or replace the normal cards.
If used to replace, the list would need at least 30 non-crab words and 10 crab words (concepts)
This would allow people to try say a "full harry potter theme game" or whatever (assuming they find enough nerds to join the table).
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