Is it a known bug?

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Is it a known bug?

Post by Rahziael »


I have completed a game but a player didn't confirm his last action (after blue production in round 4).

He got his turn skipped and the game got cancelled but I loss 3 elo points :shock:

It is quite frustrating as the game was already finished and I should have won :cry:

I have suggested a bug report, but there were no good way to suggest a bug on elo system.

Just wanted to know if you guys have experienced this already.
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Re: Is it a known bug?

Post by Kayvon »

Rahziael wrote: 29 March 2024, 12:39I have suggested a bug report
Not sure if you saw, but the developers already responded to your bug report. Elo is handled at the site level and individual game and game developers don't have any access to it. You may have better luck starting or continuing a discussion in the general forum.
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