Wetlands engine enyone?

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Wetlands engine enyone?

Post by Leonash »

This was the most interesting game i ve had in a long time!
Unusual? Yes!
Kinda sloppy? Maybe.
But boy you don't witness that every day!
Also 135 points O.O
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Re: Wetlands engine enyone?

Post by detlefchef11 »

They're very effective and underrated engines. If there's a downside it's that they often give away a lot of food to your opponent(s). So you all score well.
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Re: Wetlands engine enyone?

Post by drdeadpool »

I'm a huge wetland buff.

Crow + red winged blackbird + mockingbird + catbird + canada goose. Greatest combo ever.

Your's seemed like a risky play though. What was the plan if you didnt get the grackle or yellow headed? Feels like you mightv've gotten stuck.
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