50 fan-made cards

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50 fan-made cards

Post by beri »

Version française par ici

Two other Frenchies and myself have created new Seasons cards in order to make them into expansions someday.

We have published two sets of cards so far:
24 cards
27 more cards

These cards may need finetuning. Although we hope they are already as balanced as possible, they are not final versions, so your playtest feedback will be our reward.
Also, they are not two actual expansions, just two batches of cards we selected at different points in time, without a federating theme or mechanic.

Primal energies cristalize for 3 crystals at any season and can replace any other energy during an action (summoning, activations and so on).
It is a new "type" of energy. It is important if another card mention something like "for each type of energy…".
Only cards effects which specifically mention "primal energy" can create such energies. So, you can't create primal energy with existing cards like the Mirror of seasons or the Tree of light.
All you need to do is print these sheets one-sided and:
- either slip the cards into your Seasons card sleeves, thereby covering some of the official cards;
- or stick them onto other similarly dimensioned cards (e.g. Magic) and play with sleeves that have an opaque back.

We hope you enjoy playing with these cards. Feel free to ask any questions or read the French manual.

We have also worked on 1.1 versions of four cards from the base game:
Idol of the Familiar
Necrotic Kriss
Temporal Boots
Thieving Fairies
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Re: 50 fan-made cards

Post by Usay Dress A H »

I can't access your page.
Could you repost in plaintext?
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Re: 50 fan-made cards

Post by Ty-Guy6 »

I can't stop looking at these cards, they are so beautiful!
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Re: 50 fan-made cards

Post by Yeac »

I might be late to the party but did you manage to get a final version of these and do you have an english version of the manual?
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