Proposition: increese ELO points

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Proposition: increese ELO points

Post by tarongot »

1 ELO point for victory is extremely demotivating and discriminating, when you realize that other cooperative games give more.
I know that BGA is reluctant to implement normal ELO system for cooperative games, even though some preparations have already been made (this is a material for another topic), but that is not a reason to completely ignore cooperative games here and now.

My minimum proposal is to increase it from 1 to 5.
Of course, it would be better to also take into account the difficulty level while waiting for a decent ELO system, but minimum is enough for now.

Someone will probably ask "why if there is no ranking anyway?" I will answer right away: so that you can separate experienced players, because when practically everyone has a "beginner" level, there is no way, especially in turn-based games, where table creator has no control over who joins, and game starts automatically.
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Re: Proposition: increese ELO points

Post by LBHahaha »

Agreed - this game is complicated enough with a high enough margin of failure that the players end up being a revolving door of people who won't play more than a handful of games and never evolve their strategy, and folks who love the strategy but won't get to grow as players because the higher frequency of loss with unskilled players. Speaking as someone with 200+ games under my belt :/
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Re: Proposition: increese ELO points

Post by Uppgrayedd »

I like this game, im fine with this 1 win 1 elo thing, but really should be good some increment. I say give the game some base ELO (more for higher difficulty) and calculate the given ELO depending on that. (Like as a normal competitive game)
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