Remove pathologist from Dice Hospital mini expansion.

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Remove pathologist from Dice Hospital mini expansion.

Post by Hardin2000 »


Is it possible remove just pathologist from the game?
The mini expansion is beautiful.. But only without pathologist, that completly unbalance the game. Many times change the final result. :(

I heard that this was done on other games, when some overpowered cards/options that could change the final result of a game just by lucky.

So it is possible remove only the Pathologist?

Thank you.
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Re: Remove pathologist from Dice Hospital mini expansion.

Post by LToft »

Is it possible to get the data from played games and actual calculate, how much of a higher win-% the Pathologist gives?

Data needed from games with the mini expansion, per player/game:
- How many players in the game?
- How many Pathologist did the player have at the end of game?
- How many points did the player get?
- Did the player win the game?
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Re: Remove pathologist from Dice Hospital mini expansion.

Post by mcheezy »

A turn one pathologist is pretty much a guaranteed win. I've played maybe 100+ 2p games of Dice Hospital, and it's easily the most broken card. I can't provide any detailed stats.
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Re: Remove pathologist from Dice Hospital mini expansion.

Post by squarerootofthree »

I'm late here, but completely agree that Pathologist is utterly broken and an option should be added to remove (or, possibly, guarantee he doesn't show up in the first four rounds--for which there's a precedent in other games like Terra Mystica where you avoid Spade bonuses in the later rounds).

I typed up a detailed analysis on BGG about this. ... 0#41458030

I don't have access to site-wide statistics within BGA, but the outline I wrote on BGG summarizes everything. The card gives basically an auto-pilot path to mid-60s or even 70s. Here's an example game where I abused the pathologist strategy and scored 74 points: ... =42820771;

(interestingly, my opponent ALSO had a round 1 pathologist but didn't abuse it by killing off a ton of patients so it was an interesting control group in specifically this type of strategy).

The short summary of why he's broken is: 1) you can let a bunch of patients die, 2) not only can you offset their negative, but you actively get points/flexibility when you get rid of their dead bodies, 3) you get ward clears way before you should otherwise be able to in the game.
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