Possible Tweaks! Great game.

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Possible Tweaks! Great game.

Post by tcarlaw »

1. This doesn't apply to only this game but it would be good if the table allowed you to configure it counter-clockwise or clockwise for individuals. I find a lot of games of Asian origin go counter-clockwise but feel more comfortable playing clockwise.
2. If there is a line break in the hand it would be good if it didn't break up pairs etc.. similar to wordwrap in text.
3. It seems to sometimes recognize when there is no higher hand. I understand autoplaying betrays distribution but a button that let the player click right away might speed things up and make it funner for people.

Sorry if I posted this in the wrong place. I just wanted to say thanks and give some quick feedback.
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Re: Possible Tweaks! Great game.

Post by skelebone_xvi »

It would be great if Big Two had some tweaks or options to make it play like Lexio / Lectio.

1) Each player has a starting stake (149 points in Lexio).
2) No bombs, but still uses the single, pair, trips, and five-card sets.
3) Round over when one player goes out. Each player pays the player that did better than them. E.g. A has 0 tiles, B has 1, C has 3, and D has 5. B pays 1 to A. C pays 3 to A and 2 to B. D pays 5 to A, 4 to B, and 2 to C.
4) If any player is caught with 2s, double their payouts (after determining differences). These stack, so a single two is doubling, two is quadrupling, three is octupling, and if someone gets caught with four they have made a grievous mistake.
5. Score after five rounds determines the winner.

Love Lexio and I have played it for 18 years, and every time I have found an online implementation of Big 2 or any game like it, there is always just enough off that it isn't the game I want it to be. If this had a checkbox for rules (and, if I am calling for a wishlist here, skins for the colors and tile faces) I would play this all the time. In the alternative, a direct-coded Lexio would also be a hit with my group.
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