Undo button when?

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Re: Undo button when?

Post by RayGri »

Definitely a function like this. It happens every now and then that a meepel is placed incorrectly or the wrong tile is taken. And these are often game-deciding situations. These small mistakes can decide an entire game. Please incorporate a function like this into the game. It's such a great game, but it's frustrating.
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Re: Undo button when?

Post by waxbottle »

I accidentally placed 5 meeples in a bid. Game killer. An undo button would be much appreciated.
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Re: Undo button when?

Post by roninrojo »

Another person affected by not having an undo button. Does anyone read this forum or take note of the ideas?
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Re: Undo button when?

Post by Kizzquiz »

+1 undo button helps a ton, as I play mostly using mobile app
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Re: Undo button when?

Post by baghdad »

This implementation is too finnicky with the bidding amount and the number of meeples used to activate a tile without an undo button.

Stopped playing personally after accidentally using 3 workers early to activate a tile when I meant to use one.
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