Players quitting by taking the whole deck

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Players quitting by taking the whole deck

Post by sub0ptimal »

Twice, I've been the victim of a player that was disappointed by the way the game was turning out, so they just take the entire deck, one card at a time, and then leave. Obviously this is very disappointing to the players who were trying to play out the game.

Unfortunately, this seems to not be a reportable offense. The player obeyed the rules of the game, they just intentionally lost because they wanted to leave. They don't even get a strike for quitting a game in progress.

I'm not sure if there is any resolution to this other than to downvote the player. It would be nice if there were a way to report players who take a dive this way.
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Re: Players quitting by taking the whole deck

Post by mungbean1 »

I think one could argue this is "kingmaking" behavior and if you believe that, it is reportable. It certainly doesn't seem sporting.

Sometimes it's more petty than that. A person is losing by a lot (say 40) with two cards to go and they just take the last two cards since they weren't going to win anyway and it doesn't affect the game at all from their perspective. That basically changes the order for everyone else in a way that seems un-strategic and un-fun. The person might not even realize they are doing anything wrong.

Maybe the rating scheme could penalize more for very bad scores? Though most ratings are based on ranking I don't know that it is an ironclad requirement. Or there could be an option where rating is based on scores rather than (or in addition to) ranks. Something like IMPs in bridge, say. If I were playing in a home game I think you could do [penny]-a-point.
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Re: Players quitting by taking the whole deck

Post by OfficerPop »

I've had people do this in real life too. so frustrating. I follow the unspoken rule for all games that you always play to get yourself the best score possible even if you're going to lose. this keeps the game fun for everyone.
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