Any chance of the 3 or 4p versions?

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Re: Any chance of the 3 or 4p versions?

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Yes! I would love to see 3 player and 4 player as well... 3/4 players is far superior to 2 player (in my humble opinion).

Another fun variation I play a lot of is 8-card cribbage where everyone ends up with a crib... not necessarily for BGA, but - if your a seasoned cribbage player - give it a try! The hands a huge, games go quick... and it's the only time I have ever seen a real 29 point hand!

Just deal 8 cards to each player, throw 2 in your crib and 2 in your opponents crib (for 3 players we rotate who we throw to, left, right and with 4 player we add across... similar to hearts). The other thing is that when you cut to the dealer, the dealer flips the top card and can keep it or pass - they can do this up to 5 times, but have to keep the 5th card no matter what (and you can't go back once you pass).

Give it a whirl! Also - let's see some 3/4 player cribbage on BGA!
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