The dreaded BIS plan.

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Re: The dreaded BIS plan.

Post by Vandaley »

mstaten wrote: 28 December 2022, 21:18
postmans wrote: 29 March 2022, 15:54 far I've never seen somebody win on competitive tables with a bis plan.
It can happen, but beating skilled players is hard enough on its own. I don't recommend going for the 5 Bis plan unless you are feeling lucky and really know what you are doing. I will say though, winning with that plan feels great.
I go for it often just because the pay off for winning with it feels so good.

Edit to say, that is quite the group you beat with the BIS plan.
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Re: The dreaded BIS plan.

Post by SalsaBR »

I got the new collector's edition at Essen and it says on page 9 now you can Bis with a fence in between. Because the text changed completely. It doesn't even explain that the house needs to be in the same state anymore.

Can anyone clarify or confirm this?
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Re: The dreaded BIS plan.

Post by bradyguy »

mstaten wrote: 28 December 2022, 20:40 One situation that encourages me to go for it is seeing a Bis plan on the current turn and and one coming on the next turn.
How does one see what cards are coming on the next turn?? Is this an advanced advanced thing?? Or are you keeping a spreadsheet of all possible care combinations...??
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Re: The dreaded BIS plan.

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Take a good look at cards available. In top right corner and bottom left corner you can see image of what will be effect of next card. No magic is allowed in this game :cry:
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