Change of Haggis look

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Re: Change of Haggis look

Post by yzemaze »

qed13 wrote: 03 March 2024, 06:29 Appreciate the work, and the fact that it needed to happen, but unfortunately this is a massive step backwards in terms of accessibility and playability.
This. Luckily it’s quite easy to force your browser to replace the second edition art with the original files and use other font colors as well.


But in the end it doesn’t even matter how it looks, because the player pool seems to be drying up anyway. :-/
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Re: Change of Haggis look

Post by Junko »

I have to be honest; the new visuals are a major turn-off for me, mainly because the cards are more than twice as difficult to read at a glance. I play with my mom on this site and Haggis was one of the games in which she could easily see what was what. Really hoping for an option soon to remove visual style component for simplified cards. Thanks to developers if possible! Cheers.
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