Portal Rewawrd Ties

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Portal Rewawrd Ties

Post by GmniReborn »

Hey there everyone,

In my last game, my opponent and I, on the same turn, completed one blue, one yellow, one green, and one purple portal. If I had been granted the 8 points for having all 4, then I wouold have won this game. Instead, he won the tie and beat me by one point. Despite my tone, I want to be okay with this loss. The biggest problem I have with losign is not knwing why he won the tie. Perhaps, I having 6 open portals and his having 5 is the reason he won. Perhaps, he was the catcher and I was not. (I actually don't know who was the catcher at this time.) Perhaps, it was the fact the game just likes him, because I (I say this sarcastically to give myself a hard time) am a jerk, and the game knows this.

Unfortunately, the rule book makes the claim that the moment we both build our portals, we immediately get the 8 point reward. This means they offer no clue as to why he won the tie and therefore the game.
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Re: Portal Rewawrd Ties

Post by csimpson »

He would have been the catcher. When multiple players open portals on the same turn, the catcher goes first to resolve their situation. This means placing bonus crystals (if the completed card does that), selecting new portal card(s), and collecting the bonus awards. Then the next player around the table resolves their situation. The catcher moves on to the next player once a wild token is drawn so the advantage it gives averages out in the game.

I have lost games like you, and I have won them. The catcher is an important part of the game even in the BGA world where they don't physically pull tokens from the bag.
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