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Post by Jenniy »

My family has played this game for years so I am excited to see it here on BGA! However, after playing through the tutorial, I was surprised at a slight difference in the rules. We have always played with jokers in the decks.

With This setup Jokers are worth negative 3 (-3) points and then the twos are just worth their face value (2pts).

Thanks for all of your hard work bringing this game to us!
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Re: Jokers?

Post by ufm »

They are too overpowered and inconsistent to be added (some treat them as -5, +5 unpaired/-5 paired, -3 as you do, -2, etc.)
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Re: Jokers?

Post by Tidijyx »

Joker with a power like "you Can take one card in the discard pile"
And if we want to put the joker on own board, that's a 0 or -3 ? Or 10, but if you draw it, you will Never keep it and use the power
I hope we could try it
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