why was this limited to RT play?

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why was this limited to RT play?

Post by GeraldineMerida »

My friends and I played this game several times turn-based in alpha and enjoyed it.

When I went to start a new game, I found it's only available for RT play now. As we are in different timezones, that's not usually possible for us.

I see no reason to limit it: it worked perfectly fine TB, and could have been speeded up with the option of an alpha decision maker, rather than waiting for consensus, as has worked in some other co-op games.

Please reconsider.
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Re: why was this limited to RT play?

Post by gaming_alyxir »

Totally agree, I don't see how this game absolutely relies on RT I don't think you could cheat really,
, the infor to learn about all the squares is already in the game. I'm a busy SAHM, so I don't usually find time to sit through and play RT games anymore. It's not like this is timelines, which should be RT only but isn't.
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Re: why was this limited to RT play?

Post by nynkuhh »

I miss playing this game so much, I also can only play turnbased, but suddently this game not anymore?? Very sad
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Re: why was this limited to RT play?

Post by CNcls »

I agree with the above posters. PLEASE add back the turn-based option!

My sister and I otherwise love this game, but the timer (particularly on Day 2) makes us feel stressed out and under pressure! Please give us the option to disable it!
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Meeple Mama
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Re: why was this limited to RT play?

Post by Meeple Mama »

I agree, although this game has been so glitchy, if there were issues I’d rather it be turned off vs. freezing
at the end.
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Re: why was this limited to RT play?

Post by Zhym »

+1. Having this game be real-time only takes it out of the list of games I can play, alas.

Is the restriction due to a timer? I played the physical game last night, and there's a four-minute timer for the planning phase. IMO that timer isn't needed, so it shouldn't be problem for players to agree not to use it (i.e., by using a turn-based mode).
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