Tutorial bug on placing dice?

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Tutorial bug on placing dice?

Post by RobbEf »

Tried to run through the tutorial, got to the step where I needed to place my first die (a 2 in the tilt box) - Selected the 2, selected the box (it showed a 2 in it), hit confirm... got an error message saying that I didn't do the move that the tutorial required of me. The 2 was no longer in the box, and the UI was no longer responsive.
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Re: Tutorial bug on placing dice?

Post by 4_udrey »

I've also had issues with the tutorial. When doing the wrong action the UI became unresponsive.
I ended up reading the rules because I was too far in to restart
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Re: Tutorial bug on placing dice?

Post by cigma »

Please contact the autor of the tutorial.
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Re: Tutorial bug on placing dice?

Post by Nekonyancer »

Author here.

Mm... softlocks when incorrect actions are taken is a common problem affecting a third of all tutorials on BGA.

There's no way to fix it... but I can work around it by changing the action steps to "continue" steps. This will make the tutorial feel more passive, so it won't be quite as effective at teaching the game, but you won't need to worry about accidentally softlocking it. I think it's a good idea to change this one though, since it's such a long tutorial.

I'm changing it now. Thank you for bringing it to my attention!
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Re: Tutorial bug on placing dice?

Post by Wrayden »

Was this fixed? I cannot complete the tutorial (tried three times). If I screw up on placing the dice, it doesn't allow you tag the die anymore.
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