Goal claiming rules error?

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Rukus McUallas
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Goal claiming rules error?

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I've just played and at the end had one spot open for another goal to complete. I skipped the first one, since it was not worth far less than another I would have been able to claim. But instead of skipping just the goal, the whole phase was skipped. So I wasn't able to claim any goal.

I checked the rule book, and it clearly states, that a goal does not have to be claimed. It refers to the claiming of goals during the weekend phase, but there isn't anything in the end of game section of the rules that would indicate, that it is any different.

Page 5: "Players can choose to not claim a Goal if they wish to wait for a different one — possibly one worth more SP, a better bonus, or both!"

Is this a rules mistake, something about the implementation, did I misclick, or why might this have happened?

EDIT: It happened again. I had only one spot for a goal left and wanted to skip a 4 pointer for a 10 pointer. How do I skip a goal but not the whole phase?
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Re: Goal claiming rules error?

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Please open a bug report with the table and the move number if you find bugs or think that there is a bug: https://boardgamearena.com/bugs?game=1984
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