Should this be allowed on BGA ?

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Should this be allowed on BGA ?

Post by Phoxtrot »

Rules forbid you to place an arrow pointing to an association that already has an arrow.

The situation above doesn't technically break the rules but it makes it 100% sure that at some point, the same association of words will be used for two different arrows (in reverse order)

So, should it be prevented ?
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Re: Should this be allowed on BGA ?

Post by Thomas »

Good question. I‘m not the author nor the publisher of the game, so this is just my opinion and not an official answer.

The rules say: „ If the tile contains a double arrow, choose one of the 2 arrows to arrow the word line. The remaining arrow may not point to an adjacent Arrow tile or to a word line that is already arrowed.“

In your situation, the arrow #3 points to a word line that is already arrowed (even if it does not touch it), so I think, it should be prevented to place the tile with arrows 2 and 3 this way.
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