Community consensus / unwritten rules about blocking?

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Re: Community consensus / unwritten rules about blocking?

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speedypuzzlement wrote: 13 May 2024, 03:06
Funnily enough, all this discussion reminded me of a time I had Vancouver to Montreal and my opponent's opening moves were Vancouver to Seattle, shortly followed by Calgary to Vancouver. I've seen it happen to a >750 ELO player as well.
I had that happen one time and never again. It's possible nothing can be done about it if they play the 1 then the 3 immediately after, and you can only muster a 2. I also had that happen once but couldn't do anything about it. When I have VAN-MON or VAN-SanFe, I keep my eye out on the top left and if they grab the 1, very next move is the three everytime.
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