Who programmed the dice?

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Re: Who programmed the dice?

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The sample space for 2d6 has 36 outcomes (11 distinct). The sample space for a shuffled deck of cards is 52!, which is significantly larger.
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Re: Who programmed the dice?

Post by nicch »

Maya-Neko wrote: 05 May 2024, 16:48
William Oilaven wrote: 04 May 2024, 22:59 Consider this code (which should have the same randomness as the Catan game code here on BGA unless there really is something wrong), if you run it with 300 dice rolls, usually 7 is rolled most often, followed by 6 and 8, and so on. If you run it with 60 rolls (a realistic game length in basic Catan), the odds are often more off than what would "feel" right. I ran it a few times with 60 rolls, one time 7 was rolled only 4 times, sometimes 9 was rolled more often than 6/7/8, another time 10 wasn't rolled at all.
That's just how the bell curve works or statistics in general. The less rolls you do, the more likely it is to have a more extreme outcome. If you get even results even with low amounts of rolls most of the time, then that's actually a reason to look into why that happens, as that doesn't "feel" like the math is mathing properly.
Clearly then a misunderstanding of statistics and probability. With the low number of die rolls in the game you may well get times that don't fit to the bell curve, no 8's, or a really high number of 10's, or whatever. It doesn't mean the math is wrong nor anything wrong with the code, just the sample size is very small. I also feel we are in "buttered toast" territory here (we only remember when buttered toast falls butter side down). I'm sure if someone took the rolls from a 100 games and looked at that it would match a bell curve.

The same can happen if you play the physical game with physical dice. It's why some play with dice cards as it reduces the spikes over the game.
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Re: Who programmed the dice?

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2ajt wrote: 30 April 2024, 14:27 The programming of the dice in Catan is totally sickening. I have noticed in several games that the lowest ranked player has an advantage. When the robber is placed on a number, in most cases it is this number that comes up on the next roll of the dice.
When you are the highest ranked player at the table, your numbers come up much less and almost systematically a 7 comes out when you have more than seven cards.
It's unplayable and it doesn't respect the laws of probability.
i totally agree.... it's happening to me all the time because i have around 300p...i will cancel now my subscription... enough of this... too frustrating
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Re: Who programmed the dice?

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I thought it was a "pay to win" site :D
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