Typo in "Gonfalonier" tooltip

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Typo in "Gonfalonier" tooltip

Post by haytil »

The tooltip for "Gonfalonier" mispells "fought" as "fougnt" ("n" instead of "h"). The actual image of the card appears to be fine.

Saw this in the tutorial. Tried to file a bug report, but it required a table #, and when I gave it a bogus one, it automatically matched and submitted it to another game (presumably that matched the made-up table # I provided), so I assume this is the only real way for the Pax Renaissance dev team to get the info.
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Re: Typo in "Gonfalonier" tooltip

Post by PillarAngel »

I went ahead and managed to make a bug report about the typo. Had the same problem with the table going to a different game, but in my case, I was copying a different series of numbers in the URL than the actual table number. Not sure if that was the case for you as well? Guess it got us both. xD

After submitting it, I realized that I realized that stuff like English typos can actually be fixed by us by requesting changes in Translation HQ, so I went ahead and changed it myself. Should be fixed soon. Thanks for spotting it!
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Re: Typo in "Gonfalonier" tooltip

Post by Jellby »

Next time, just use any table number for the correct game. :D
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