[Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by mrangjunboon2019 »

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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Ktulue »

[ENG] Ktulue
USA - Saturday 7:30pm EST [Sunday 12:30 AM (UTC)] for about 3 hours; Sunday 12:30pm EST [Sunday 5:30 PM (UTC)] for about 3 hours.

I enjoy playing board games with all viewers. Saturdays are geared towards playing with my IRL friends, should they choose to join, so there is usually some heavier games involved. However, I'm also open to keeping things light. Sunday's I play with everyone that attends and will base the game off of who is playing with us. :D

Catch me on Twitch
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Damojo MorriSim
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Damojo MorriSim »

Hello Everybody,

I am an avid board game player that now streams his games each and every Tuesday and Wednesday 10am till 2pm each week.

Please come and join me at the table for some friendly games and chat.


Your company at the table will be more than welcomed


Feel free to add me and we can get a game together.
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Pirate Arrr
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Pirate Arrr »

Hello fellow BGA streamers. Thwol and I have a channel where we post final games for Innovation Tournaments. No set time or countries but this is the channel with videos if you fellows are interested. We would love any feedback. Thank you. :)

https://studio.youtube.com/channel/UCFN ... DING%22%7D
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Armicwan »

Hi everyone, I love playing BGA and I recently launched my twitch channel where I stream my BGA games almost every day. Don't hesitate to come and see me and play with me! I hope to be able to build an active community so that we can share good times together around our favorite games.
I'm a French streamer but English doesn't scare me, so don't be shy.


If u can't come for lives, i also have a Youtube channel and i rebroadcast all my lives on it.


thank you all !
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Amau_Catepetl »

Hello all,

[FR] French
Not regular
Tzolkin strategies
-> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCgHQxP ... rZMPKWdC6Q
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by aya_cat »


I'm a boardgamer player and since 4 years, me and my partner stream in Catalan about BGA and/or board games in live. Also, once per month we talked about new board games released in Spain/Catalonia.

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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by sevenoneseven »

[EN] Friday Night Game Night!
US - Fridays Starting at ~4:30 (ET) / (UTC-5:00)
Variety Streamer. Playing board games on Fridays with friends. We always have a giggle playing various games and are usually found playing games with a causal vibe; however, we're not necessarily afraid of some strategy either. If we're play something you fancy you're welcome to join if we have the room. Also open to game recommendations. Cheers!
-> https://twitch.tv/seven_one_seven
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Re: [Multi] Share Your Board Game Arena Streams!

Post by Serken »

Hi everyone, Serken here ;)
I want to start streaming my games, I'm a regular player.
I play mainly in Arena, I have launched numerous tournaments under the name "My Selection and "Duels Monthly".
Hoping to be able to create content for tutorial purposes and be able to show a minimum of strategy in games.

[IT-ES-EN] BGA Games
Italy - Evening
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/serken90
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@serken.90

I will start the activity from August onwards :D :D
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