Add an "Undo" button

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Add an "Undo" button

Post by SteelPenguinPirate »

Pretty please. Can you add an "undo" button?
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Re: Add an "Undo" button

Post by Demosthenes88 »

+1 a restart turn or confirm button would dramatically improve this implementation. Especially for the last stage of a round when you remove your Targi and markers.
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Re: Add an "Undo" button

Post by Kayvon »

This is more difficult than it sounds. Undo is not a box you check to just make it happen. On many games, it's the most complicated part of development and testing. Furthermore, once implemented, undo is is very bug prone and players frequently complain about it or request more functionality. As such, it's often avoided by game developers.

I understand it's a very highly requested feature, especially by those who don't appreciate the effort required to implement it. I would offer that BGA games are usually open for anyone to contribute to, so if you feel strongly about it you can add the feature yourself. I suspect, however, that the real ask is for someone to just volunteer dozens of hours of time to do it for you, which isn't entirely reasonable.

Confirmation buttons are usually pretty easy to add, so it's usually a better compromise.
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Re: Add an "Undo" button

Post by samcc59 »

I would love a confirm button !!! I don't know how many times I clicked something wrong (particularly on mobile), only to realise a second later.
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