I don't like the latest changes.

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Re: I don't like the latest changes.

Post by ChiefPointThief »

ChiefPointThief wrote: 05 December 2023, 15:17
ufm wrote: 05 December 2023, 05:30
justanotherjo wrote: 04 December 2023, 13:26 if you make a foolish move, the game asks you if you are sure you want to do it.
As you said (foolish), the reason of such moves was mostly a simple misclick. The warning (and a confirmation preference as well) is added to prevent them, so it is limited to a very specific occasion.
It was prompting messages for moves that aren't "foolish" though. I played two more games since and didn't get any messages so either this was removed (which was my gripe w/ the update) or I wasn't playing foolishly my 2nd and 3rd game :lol:

There are several positives to the update though (we'll depending on who you ask). It autoplays when you are dead and also only plays aces as ones when playing 11 will make you go over 99. The reverse and pass symbols can be helpful to newcomers as well.
Ok. I came across one of the messages again. When you are close to 99 it ask you to confirm if you wanted to play a 4 or 9 instead of a king. The message was something like are you sure you want to play this card? You have other playable cards. I don't see the need for the message. Also I don't have a problem with the autoplay when you are dead but newbies can get really confused by this. Introduced this to a few friends and they didn't know what happened.
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Re: I don't like the latest changes.

Post by sarran73 »

I hadn't played this game in a while, but tried to swing back to it as the whole family liked it. Until now. No one in my whole family(including myself) wants to play this game ever again with the new changes. It just plays the game for you. That is not why you play a card game. I don't understand why there was not an option allowed to not engage all the auto playing and tips and graying out of cards. It just feels like someone else is playing the game for you.
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