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Re: Tuscany

Post by URjustSOL »

JamokaJack wrote: 09 December 2021, 17:59 I only play Viticulture with Tuscany. My family prefers it enough that none of us wants to play the base essential board on BGA now. We tried it, but it just doesn't compare to Tuscany.
At our house, the base game isn't even an option. It's TUSCANY or nothing!!!!
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Re: Tuscany

Post by SquashEngineer »

Is it feasible to learn Viticulture by playing on BGA? I really would like to discover it before committing to a purchase.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by sebaze »

SquashEngineer wrote: 05 October 2023, 03:28 Is it feasible to learn Viticulture by playing on BGA? I really would like to discover it before committing to a purchase.
Yes I think I learned faster on BGA than playing in person
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Re: Tuscany

Post by AlienRex »

Upvote, +1, +1000. Please add Tuscany to the Viticulture game on BGA. It adds so much to the game.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by ToddStAmour »

I definitely agree. Tuscany should be implemented.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by Riccho »

Viticulture without tuscany is only half a game.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by greenjacket124 »

If y'all want the expansion added, reach out to the publisher. The BGA developer of the game can't do anything without that approval.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by precedent »

I got in touch with Stonemaier to ask if they would approve adding Tuscany expansion and I got the following response:

"Stonemaier expansions are generally reserved for the full digital (AI included) experience, which is available for purchase from Digidiced. They have Viticulture and Tuscany available."

So unfortunately it seems unlikely to be coming to BGA any time soon.
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Re: Tuscany

Post by MunchkinXQ »

SM games generally left a sour taste in this regard. Just look at the resolution of the game board and card pics in Viticulture on BGA.
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