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Tournaments - Time - Impatience

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Hello Wizards,

I play some turnbased tournaments lately (mostly Heat, but also Wizard). I made the experience that in lot of tournaments the time is tight and 1 or 2 player run out of time. In most cases no issue the other players (me included) are patient. In one case we waited 14 days before cancel the player out 😅 but mostly the player needs 10-20 hours more. Which is in my opinion no big deal in a turnbased game because of the different timezones.

In the wizard tournaments I got unlucky with my opponents timezones and were the one with the extra time needed because I got always my turn when I sleep. But the player kick me off very fast (less than an 1 hour overdue). And now my real question: is this normal for wizard tournaments? Are wizard players more impatient than heat players?

Kind regards

PS: the tournaments were with 24h game hours, so no advantage for any timezone.
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