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Re: Gamelist page feedback & upgrades

Post by justanotherjo »

it's great that there is the option for small, medium and large icons, but even the small is way too large. the height is great, but the new icons are way too wide. On my phone using" small" i see 3 games per category. on a PC screen, I see 5. These should be half as wide, allowing twice the number of games on each category. Otherwise, we have to scroll forever to see anything of interest. the old display of game boxes like the play now screen was perfect!
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Re: Gamelist page feedback & upgrades

Post by symplekaos »

Archduke wrote: 25 May 2022, 09:19
symplekaos wrote: 24 May 2022, 21:46 I just want to see all games alphabetically.
You can browse all games alphabetically here: ... name%3Aasc
Thank you! I had also discovered this by scrolling to the very bottom of the page. I appreciate the response.
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Re: Gamelist page feedback & upgrades

Post by T72on1 »

I just discovered that I can make my own lists of games now, which is a great thing. Up until now I put games I want to try out at some point in my favourites list, just to remind me, but now I can add them to a seperate list.

However ... I can't find where to access that custom list :oops: . Adding them to the list is easy enough from the game page of a particular game. But finding the list ... It's probably in an easy-to-spot place, but I don't see it.

Edit: of course now I find it ;) . At the top of the game list ( there's always 2 tabs: 'all games' and 'favourites'. Any additional, custom made lists are added there as tab as well, it seems.
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Re: Gamelist page feedback & upgrades

Post by Ryjaz »

Would be great to have a mechanism to suggest more themes. Similar to earlier post, Chicago Express has no tags associated with it and it should be tagged as both a "Train" theme and "Auction" mechanism. Would make some of these unloved games more discoverable to the masses!
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