a game-king making mechanic?

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a game-king making mechanic?

Post by Pietr_ucci »

I've been playing "Records" since Alpha and now in beta and I really enjoy it: it is fun, simple, satisfying in the mechanic weh nyou plan your combo chain of actions and activated bonusus.

The only issue I have about how the game is designed is this:

he more you progress in activating your bonuses and combos, the more you can get (i.e.: filling up faster all the areas, the post it, the music sheet, the tablet, even the bus journey). in addition to that, if you crossed more bonuses on your board, you will easily be able to claim bonus cards at the end of a round, which usually give you as a reward other bonuses that setup your board to get more bonuses and more bonud cards.

I know, this is the mechanic of the game and the skill of a good player is to catch those opportunities, but I can feel that the problem here is that is a player is enough ahead of the other players, he will be destined just to run and score faster for the reasons explanied above, making a chance to catch up for the others very difficult.

I feel like a sort of balancing to mitigate this esponential/butterly effect should be implemented.

One last thing: if you are having a good game, triggering bonus cards easier and fater than other players, you will be ahead in the score and also will be able to reach faster the end of the game condition, to put into safe your win.
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Re: a game-king making mechanic?

Post by Gallomper »

I suppose part of the skill of the game is planning your moves so this can happen. This might be at the risk of other areas of the board getting behind.
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Re: a game-king making mechanic?

Post by Suoivax »

A counter to that long game plan is to end the game as fast as possible so the combo player isn't really making any points off the post-its yet, and you finish your crew with them only having 4 members, resulting in pretty big penalties.
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