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Re: Comments on the beta implementation

Post by ErikLevin »

I agree with almost all other comments in this thread though. Many (most?) also have bugs/suggestions in the bug tracker already. It makes me a bit worried that some bugs are several years old, even predating the release to Beta by years, and I don't see a ton of developer activity in the discussions there (EDIT: I want to make extra sure I don't come off as ungrateful. I know the volunteer devs put a lot of their free time on making games for all of us and that is awesome). I would love to see Texas Hold'em get polished more and get a release with Arena and all that, I wonder what the outlook is for that.

I was thinking about looking into how one could help with the implementation, but I have to be realistic that I probably won't have time... Can we help by being allowed to triage bugs or something? E.g. close some that are obviously duplicates or not-a-bug or something. Won't help much if there isn't someone with the time to really fix the actual bugs and improvements though...
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Re: Comments on the beta implementation

Post by frydo »

Not sure if it has already been said, but there is a surprising behavior of the game with tooltips (speech bubbles).
When it is some other player's turn, it repeats the previous action of that player ; it would be better with no speech bubble before that player plays again (or a speech bubble with "..." to show it's it's turn).

Not sure I am clear in my explanation, as I don't master English language enough to write it nicely.
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Re: Comments on the beta implementation

Post by Anime Pops »

Sorry if I missed it above already being said, but it would be nice to have options available while waiting for others to decide. Such as Call Any, Check/Fold, etc. This would greatly speed up turn based with larger player counts for sure.
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Re: Comments on the beta implementation

Post by admiralspunky »

Out-of-turn options would certainly help speed up the game.

May we have an option to switch to a 4-color deck? I added the same option to Hearts and Oh Hell. Four color decks are nice in those games, but they're especially helpful in poker.

Have you played Pineapple? It's just THE, except you start with three hole cards instead of two, and you have to discard one of your hole cards after the flop. So you get to see many more flops because there's a larger chance that the flop will hit you. Granted, there's also a larger chance that the flop will hit your opponents. Still, I find THE so boring. You just fold pre-flop most of the time.
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Re: Comments on the beta implementation

Post by AwensMom »

The last text bubble needs to disappear before the hand results, so they aren't partially hidden behind it, it not have the results under the text bubble.
Need an option to choose the orientation of the table, portrait or landscape, or just switch to landscape for two player.
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