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Love letter version

Post by Earthboundia »

I was wondering if anyone knew if there was a way to get the 2019 love letter version in BGA (the one with the spy and chancellor added). While I still like the original love letter and played it many times I feel like the 4 player version is far more based on luck so for example if you get the princess early on your chances of winning the round are virtually 0 and there is no other way to get points except by winning the round which I liked what the spy did in that respect.

It seems odd considering the 8 player version is available which seems to be non existent in physical copy, for a reasonable price anyway. So if it isn't available I'm going to put it forward as a suggestion to add that as an extra option as I feel it makes the game a lot fairer.
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Re: Love letter version

Post by voriki »

It depends on the publisher.
Love Letter changed publisher from Asmodee(I think?) to Z-Man Games and they put another spin on things.

So the agreement in the past for original Love Letter and the Premium expansion, doesn't apply to the current version.
I would love if we could expand the game too, throw in Lovecraft Letter, Infinity Gauntlet or Jabba's Palace.
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Re: Love letter version

Post by Ewba »

I was going around this forum to see if this had been suggested already. The physical copy I own is the one with the Chancellor and Spy which makes the game much better in my opinion. Maybe voriki is right that it's a publisher barrier to implementing it. If not, I don't see why it wouldn't be added.
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Re: Love letter version

Post by texkill »

I recently learned about the new version and was disappointed to see it's not on BGA yet. It seems like a great game for this platform. Popular, short, easy rules, highly replayable.
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