Central Stations

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Central Stations

Post by Chocbach »

I'm just learning how to play Metro, and there's one thing puzzling me. I've looked at the official rules, and watched several videos on YouTube, and they all seem to imply that there are 8 places to complete a line at the Central Station (or they don't mention it at all). Everywhere else on the board, the lines end at what looks like a structure, which I assume is the Destination Station. In the central area, there are only 4 of those, and it looks like the BGA version only scores Central Station points when you end at one of those structures, not when you end at the 4 other locations. Those just look like the lines dead end, and never score any points. Either way, this is never covered in any of the rulebooks or videos I've seen; in fact several of the videos say you score table at any one of those 8 places, not just 4.

So am I missing something? Why is this not mentioned anywhere?
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