Two Year Cards to Start?

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Two Year Cards to Start?

Post by theAudsMustBeCrazy »

I played a 4 player game (table # 524647086) and I lost. I wanted to learn how to play better, so I clicked the Replay button and "played" from the perspective of the winner (przemekd) because he has a rating of 699. I wanted to see if I would make the same moves he did.

As soon as the game started, everybody picked their year cards, and he got to keep both of his (end bonus cards.) So, throughout the game, he had two end bonus cards, and the rest of us had one.

Does anybody know why?

He also got very lucky, I see, in that his "year" cards were bonuses for water and mountain parks, and two of the three parks offered to start were 4 and 5 point parks made up just of water and mountains. (The 3rd card had water, so that was good for him, too.) Seems weird, but I guess he just got really lucky. I just don't know how he could keep both of his year cards at the beginning of the game.
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Re: Two Year Cards to Start?

Post by Kayvon »

Reply from the developer in case people don't think to check the bug report for what actually happened.
Mogri wrote:In the replay, przemekd chooses Year of Surf. (You can verify this yourself in the replay; it won't let you choose Year of Heights.)

At the end of the game, przemekd only scores for Year of Surf:

Year of Sun: mehrdad532 scores 3 points
Year of Surf: przemekd scores 3 points
Year of Leaves: theAudsMustBeCrazy doesn't score any points
Year of Ascent: Marcy scores 2 points

This is a display bug that only affects the replay, in other words. You can try reviewing the replay from your perspective to confirm that you still see two year cards.
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