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Share your own deck

Post by DogEgg258 »

The game is now support deck building!!
You can create your own deck in 1P mode and use them in 2P game.

Here's the card list for all starter deck (with cards number) if you need it for reference.
Deckcode: 2kh66zbc3w97hqek5818shhs3zzauml0
Deckcode: 2ru1psfw43m30jgc45gaw8ps47c6dfms
Deckcode: 2z6x8lew4ayyjci44cutye9c4ep1w8ok
Deckcode: 36jsrego4ibu4apo4k61xutc4m1xf1qc
Deckcode: 3dwoa7ig4popkylo4rixit0w4tesxus4
Deckcode: 3l9jt0n04x1l3rng4yvt1m2o50roeio4

Hope to see your own deck sharing :D
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Re: Share your own deck

Post by SuperKento »

Mill Deck

Please give me advice :)
Battle Monster John
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Re: Share your own deck

Post by Battle Monster John »

Red Dragon 54egmkp83w7jw8o857zl95003zzasi96
5~6 Nexuses for a deck which doesn't rely heavily on nexus
Cost 4/5 Spirits less then 7
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Re: Share your own deck

Post by supyoshi2 »

Hey that s the best deck, " power to the little ones!" :D 4gho0ynr5tozkxfp5wgbel6xdb
The only one tip you need is be aggressive, so don t be shy and destroy your opponent asap :D
It s a fast deck you, you have only chain angel as backup spirits if the game go for too long. You will suffer a bit blue and white decks
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