How To Use The Butler's Room?

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How To Use The Butler's Room?

Post by GolfBlogger »

I'm in the middle of my first game, and I cannot figure out how to use the Butler's Room to hire servants. I clicked on the tile; the butler and tile went to the upper left side of the board; but I didn't see an option to hire servants.

Obviously, I'm not looking in the right place on the screen, but I am lost.

TIA for help.
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Re: How To Use The Butler's Room?

Post by Sui_Generis »

Once you click on the Butler's room, it should ask at the top if you want to continue, just the same as if you are hosting an event - click 'Continue'. It should then give you the option to hire servants.

If this is the second or later time that you've done this (ie. you've already flipped the butler's room) then it will also potentially offer you the option to poach a servant from another player, provided this has not been disabled as a game rule option by the person who set up the table.

Finally if you are playing the upstairs-downstairs expansion, then hiring/poaching servants is done by passing your turn rather than the above described method, and will appear as an alternative option to the usual 'Collect £200 in tenant rents' or 'Refresh builders market' options.
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