Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

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Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

Post by WhiteAndromeda »

Hello, Russian Railroads fans!

If you are interested, I'll ask you to rate my tutorial for Russian Railroads, so game's online can become a bit more alive.

https://boardgamearena.com/tutorial?gam ... orial=1182

Thanks a lot!

P.S. In order to rate the tutorial you need to get to the end, also I appreciate any feedback on the tutorial!
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Re: Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

Post by jimtheorc »

i'm still not 100% on the rules of the game after reading the tutorial but I think some wordings could be changed

1. Could write "you have to pick up the locomotive with the lowest value number" instead of "**fewest** number"
2. "if full you must build a factory by replacing the one that was already placed" could be written as "replacing any one that has already been placed"
3. "players who placed their works on action space to change their position can use them" could be written as " " players who have placed their worker on an turn action order space can re-use them again to perform an action""
4. I think this is a typo "These bonuses are private bull all the same" did you mean "but every player has the same tiles"?
5. the "also want to notice" could be simply written as "Notice how all players who have passed display their markers slightly higher (as shown by the red meeple)

but thanks for the guide, helped me understand the digital game a bit better after reading the rule book and watching a video
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Re: Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

Post by schnuff »

Good tutorial - as far as I could follow it.
Unfortunately, there occurred an error in game round 2, when I was asked to place 3 black rails on St. Petersburg, so I had to end the tutorial there.
Until then, I have only one remark:
The tutorial says: When all players will chose their bonuses, each player will start...
This is not quite correct since the starting player does not get to chose any bonus as far as I know.
Apart from that the correct formulation would be "When all players (except for the starting player) have chosen their bonus, each player..."

Thanks for your effort - great work!
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Re: Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

Post by Bergy3 »

This is a mostly great tutorial, thanks for your work. This game is not difficult but it is complicated, I commend your intent to cover all the details.

I encountered the same bug in round two. No matter how I tried I couldn’t confirm the correct move and progress the tutorial beyond “advance the black track on St. Petersburg 4 times”.
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Re: Rate the tutorial for Russian Railroads

Post by Evo Master »

I couldn't finish the tutorial. It kept giving errors after St Petersburg x3 black move so I had to quit.
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